SKFS Amuthasurabi Fixed Deposit /Cumulative Deposit

Our term deposit products offer certainly competitive interest rates to our members. Members have two options to choose from our Amuthasurabi Deposit Scheme. Based on Fixed Deposit, members’ monthly interest will be credited directly into their Savings Deposit Account, however by choosing the Cumulative Deposit Products, members will relish the interest amount at the time of maturity with effective interest rate. Our interest rates for both schemes have been illustrated below.

Amuthasurabi (FD/CD) Deposit Scheme General SR.Citizen

181 – 364 DAYS 8.25% 8.25%
1 YEAR – UPTO 3 YEARS 8.75% 9.25%
3 YEARS – UPTO 5 YEARS 8.50% 9.00%

Key Features:

Respective interest rates according to the given period in the above table for both FD & CD Schemes are same

3 months – No Foreclosure will be allowed as per Nidhi Regulations

Up to 180 Days – No Interests will be paid as per Nidhi Regulations
Min Period – 181 Days
Max Period – 5 Years

Loan Against Deposit (LAD) is available. 2% additional interest will be charged from agreed ROI

Monthly interest will be credited directly to the SD account, further can be transferred to Member’s other bank accounts based on standing instruction

PAN is mandatory. TDS deduction is applicable as per the instructions given by GOI

Foreclosure charges – Deduction of 3% from the agreed interest %

Foreclosure charges – Deduction of 3% from the agreed interest %

SKFS has been so competitive and offers great benefits to members by giving the right choices of products and inspired its members through the technologically embedded services. Members’ trust in SKFS has been strongly proven with “No Default” or “No Delayed Payments” to members for their deposits on maturity.

PON MAGAL Daily Deposit Scheme (PDDS)

Daily Deposit Scheme (DDS) is aimed at encouraging the thrift habit of members. Members, who belong to smaller business community, daily wagers and street vendors, can avail the benefit of this product. PDDS attracts 7% of interest rates for the scheme under this deposit product, for 300 Days.

Key features:

Min 100 / 300 Entries
No Foreclosure will be allowed
For any forced foreclosure, no interest amount will be given
Our authorized agent collects the daily deposits from the customer at doorstep.
A scheme which suits all financial classes alike.
Loan Against Deposit (LAD) is available for 300 Days schemes. Additional 2% interest will be charged from agreed ROI.
Nomination Facility is available
Pay at any branches, but closure will be done only at the account opened branch

Shri DHANA Lakshmi “999” Days Cumulative/Fixed Deposit Scheme

Shri DHANA Lakshmi “999” Days Cumulative Deposit Scheme is a golden scheme for members, which gives a rate of interest of 10.0%. This is a cumulative deposit scheme.

Key features:

@ Rate of interest of 10.0% for all members.

Members can also avail of loans against the deposit, in case of any exigency situation by paying an additional 2% rate of interest.

Members are allowed to foreclose the scheme, only after completion of 6 months from the date of opening of the deposit, as provided in the Nidhi regulations.

Re-investment under this plan would multiply your money quickly. Besides safety and liquidity, this scheme offers to achieve the highest growth option.

Mandatorily, TDS will be applicable as per the extant IT guidelines


Nomination facility is also available under this scheme.

12 months – No Foreclosure will be allowed as per Nidhi Regulations

Foreclosure charges – Deduction of 3% from the agreed interest %